Tailored R&D Vendors strategy for your company

Every R&D program is different and it operates under different contexts. Accordingly – every R&D program needs a vendor solution (and a specific delivery¬† approach), that’s the most optimum for that program. No two R&D programs are similar in size, objective, priority, solutions, budgets & many other factors. The choice of vendors for different programs also have to be different.

While large CROs offer breadth of services; smaller CROs offer flexibility, niche expertise and prove extremely cost-effective. Criteria for choosing a Pre-clinical/ Discovery CRO partner would be quite different to those, while choosing a Clinical CRO- (not to forget countless providers for other ancillary services) for your clinical program.

You need a tailored Vendor-strategy, fit to purpose – specific for your R&D program.

Our highly trained Experts can help you select vendors, best suited to your context. Post Selection, we can Program Manage your R&D activities right from Ideation stage till Market launch or even subsequent activities. We seamlessly optimize your R&D programs with respect to process-flow, decision matrix.  governance mechanism; covering internal as well outsourced services associated with the program. Connect with us to hear about our Managed E2E PMO(R) service, to learn how we help you keep control of your complete R&D programs.