A Critical endeavor needs an equally critical Management Control

BioPharma R&D programs are critical to the success of your organization and an Effective and Efficient Management Control of these programs is critical for the success of the programs. We simplify the Management Control of R&D programs for you.

BioDev has experience and expertise to manage R&D programs right  from Ideation /Discovery phase, through Translational phases till Clinical development, Marketing Authorization and Post-marketing R&D. With a wealth of combined experience of more than 100 years in BioPharma R&D; we are best positioned to manage your R&D programs.

If you are an investor company looking to acquire some R&D assets (NCE/NBE), we can help you get the best R&D perspective of your potential acquisition. We can do an “in-depth” due diligence of assets, to uncover all R&D possibilities & facets to aid to your decision to buy (or not to buy).

Please call our experts, who would be happy to discuss variety of R&D Management & customized services that we offer to Biopharma companies and/or other stakeholders like VC & PE firms.