Program specific vendor assessments

While choosing a vendor, you will wish to consider all possible factors like expertise, capability, cost, credibility, differentiation, scope-inclusion/exclusion, references and many more. Unfortunately, this takes a lot of time and attention – from critical team-members of your team. On the other hand, validating proposals from a host of vendors, is not a core R&D activity and can be outsourced.

BioDev experts have a long experience in performing Vendor Identification & briefing, RFP building, Proposal-review, Remote or On-site review of Vendor capabilities, Reference check, Scope refinement, Contract finalization and Contract Management. We can work with you, end-to-end throughout the outsourcing value-chain.

We can also help you identify vendors for any customized services, that are not routinely sought/ offered. Our long-standing relationship with Vendors (Pre-clinical Discovery phase to Clinical development activities) will ensure an un-matched flexibility and thereby increasing your opportunity for success.